The Importance of Representation

Each school year, DreamWakers welcomes a new cohort of Educator Fellows (DWEF). This group comprises extraordinary leaders that come from schools across the country, each of whom has proven their commitment to embracing flashchats as part of a well-rounded curriculum. Members of DWEF are dedicated to providing opportunities for their students to gain exposure to careers and to begin thinking about their futures beyond the classroom.

2021–2022 DreamWakers Educator Fellows

Our work at DreamWakers hinges on a deep belief in the importance of representation. We know it’s a belief each member of DWEF also holds. So we asked each member of the 2021–22 DWEF cohort to finish the sentence “Representation is important because…”.

Get to know the members of DWEF through their answers below!

Representation is important because…

Members of DWEF are outstanding advocates for DreamWakers inside and outside of the classroom. We are so lucky to know and work alongside these leaders and role models.

How would you finish the sentence, “Representation is important because…”? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

DreamWakers works to close the opportunity gap for students in under-resourced schools by providing them with the unique opportunity to virtually meet professionals from diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives beyond their city limits. By providing positive exposure to role models and careers, DreamWakers aims to inspire the next generation of leaders to envision and prepare for their own future. At DreamWakers, we like to collaborate with 4th-12th educators who are true trailblazers in their schools and communities.

Are you an educator looking to bring your lessons to life through conversation with career professionals? Join DreamWakers today!

Not sure which type of flashchat your class could use? Check out our flashchat calendar for ideas to incorporate inspiring DreamSpeakers in your classroom every month of the year.




DreamWakers is a nonprofit that connects underserved classrooms to diverse + dynamic professionals using video chats. #Education #EdTech #Nonprofit #Careers

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DreamWakers is a nonprofit that connects underserved classrooms to diverse + dynamic professionals using video chats. #Education #EdTech #Nonprofit #Careers

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