In Gratitude

Each Fall, particularly as November arrives, our team at DreamWakers takes a look back at the past months to reflect on the year’s highlights. Our gratitude is abundant this year, so we felt compelled to share with the DreamWakers community the ever-growing list of things we are grateful for in 2021. Check them out below!

Our DreamEducators who helped us launch lesson plans, create a flashchat calendar, and give tips to new educators!

DreamWakers actively works with more than 700 educators from 300+ schools and educational programs. We are so grateful for the many ways in which our DreamEducators go above and beyond to educate and inspire!

Our DreamSpeakers who continue to volunteer their precious time, offering career inspiration to classrooms across the country.

We are grateful for our more than 800 speakers from 400+ companies who volunteer their time connecting with students, encouraging them to never give up on their dreams. DreamWakers students often share their gratitude for our speakers at the end of flashchats:

The magic of DreamWakers, which is the impact we create when DreamEducators and DreamSpeakers come together to help students SEE what they can BE.

We are proud to have reached 9,500 students where they are (in 44 states) thus far in 2021 and are grateful for the continued support of our community as we watch these numbers continue to grow.

DreamWakers works to close the opportunity gap for students in under-resourced schools by providing them with the unique opportunity to virtually meet professionals from diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives beyond their city limits. By providing positive exposure to role models and careers, DreamWakers aims to inspire the next generation of leaders to envision and prepare for their own future. At DreamWakers, we like to collaborate with 4th-12th educators who are true trailblazers in their schools and communities.

Are you an educator looking to bring your lessons to life through conversation with career professionals? Join DreamWakers today!

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DreamWakers is a nonprofit that connects underserved classrooms to diverse + dynamic professionals using video chats. #Education #EdTech #Nonprofit #Careers

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DreamWakers is a nonprofit that connects underserved classrooms to diverse + dynamic professionals using video chats. #Education #EdTech #Nonprofit #Careers

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