Impact in an Hour

A Celebration of DreamWakers Volunteers

3 min readApr 28, 2022


April is National Volunteer Month — a month dedicated to celebrating the important contributions that volunteers make by donating their time and talent to causes they believe in. DreamWakers relies on our robust and dedicated community of volunteers who continually harness their gifts to pour into the next generation. We are grateful for our volunteer community and the many walks of life they represent.

Did you know?

DreamWakers boasts nearly 700 active volunteer speakers from 550+ companies. This group speaks 56 languages and represents dozens of industries. In the 2021–2022 school year, our speakers collectively volunteered more than 300 hours of their time.

What keeps you coming back?

What’s the impact?

While our community often speaks to the power of flashchats, DreamWakers is dedicated to collecting feedback directly from classrooms that take part in our programming. The ability to directly track impact on students allows us to visualize the power of career connections and representation.

“It is important that students hear about a person’s journey to where they are now. These unique stories help our students to understand that college and career experiences aren’t cookie cutter. The path can be just as satisfying with twists and turns that are related or not.” — DreamEducator, Jaime Van Horn

To date, DreamWakers has connected more than 35,000 students across the United States to career role models. Of those students:

  • 3 out of 4 students had never met someone in the career path of their speaker prior to their flashchat experience;
  • More than half of all flashchat participants were more interested in careers similar to their speakers career after taking part in the flashchat; and
  • 70% of students report feeling more confident speaking to career professionals after connecting with a DreamSpeaker in a flashchat.

Are you a career professional looking to connect with students in classrooms around the United States to share your journey? Join DreamWakers today!

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